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Single Set Inflatable Packer

The Single Set Inflatable Packer (SSIP) is an effective, reliable and extremely versatile tool. The SSIP is an innovative use of SSIP’s existing technologies, to provide reliable, retrievable packers for both production and injection purposes, which can also be used for zonal isolation, testing, stimulation and selective acidizing. For operations where mechanical packers are not ideal with open hole, restricted or damaged casing, the TWPR is your best bet. The Single Set Packer is available in the Tension Release and
Rotational Release models suitable for various applications in either open-hole or cased. These tools are retrievable, and they can be run in several configurations for different well applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Tool redress is straightforward and easy for additional runs on location
  • The tool can be deployed for both normal and sour service
  • The tool has superior sealing capacity in both cased and/or open hole
  • The tool can be run in both open and cased holes


  • The single set packer is reliable, simple and is a cost-effective way of isolating various zones in either open hole or casing.
  • The single set packer is ideally suitable for locating leaks by pressure testing the casing.
  • The single set packer can be run and set just above the water zone for water shut-off.
  • This tool can be applied as a permanent bridge plug to plug off a particular section or as an abandonment tool.
  • The single set packer can be used for well production in cases where there is a damaged casing due to collapse and the well requires production. The packer is simply run into the well and set below the damaged casing, the well-produces through the packer.