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Huracan Trials New Analogue Gauge with 100% Success

Huracan has completed the installation of a new analogue gauge, specifically designed for the CSG market for increased shock and vibration resistance and tested in accordance with AWES “Recommended Practice For Qualification of Downhole Sensors” to provide a quantifiable performance benchmark. 

The gauge has also been designed with corrosion resistant alloys to push reliability of the gauge system to >98%. 

June 22 – 15 Months after the installation we are happy to say that 100% of the gauges are still working.

Over 650+ Analogue Gauges Installed for Santos.

Huracan has to date installed over 650 analogue gauges for Santos between Arcadia, Roma and Fairview Fields with success as high as 98%.

Analogue Gauge Installation Trial Completed for Santos

I preparation for the upcoming field wide gauge installation campaign a 6 well Analogue gauge trial was performed for Santos.  The trial was performed with flawless execution and all gauges are operating as intended.  The gauges will be used for PCP pump off control.

Feedback from the Operating Company Representative “They have done an excellent job in all aspects.  I highly recommend them for future work.  They worked well with the rig and with myself.”

Casing Inspection and TCP Orientation

Recently a client asked if we could help them with orientating am ultrasonic imaging tool in casing to identify a data cable on the cement map on the outside of the casing.  Huracan was able to help and later we placed an tubing UBHO sub in the completion and orientated the TCP guns to ensure that the data cable was not perforated during the final completion.

eGyroExpress Increases Wellbore Precision

Offering increased precision for wellbore placement Huracan is pleased to introduce the eGyroExpress tool.  The tool offers a high speed continuous survey with the precision of a North Seeking gyro compass.  With the ability to log the wellbore at speeds of up to 150 m/min the eGyroExpress is the future of gyro directional surveys.

Amerada Monitoring to the coal seam gas market.

With the ability to monitor intake and discharge pressure, temperature and X-Y vibration, Sercel / GRC’s Amerada Monitoring is the perfect solution for extending the life of you Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP) and monitoring reservoir pressure.
Founded in 1925, GRC has a long history of innovation in downhole sensors to the oil and gas industry the Amerada C-Series sensors is no exeption. Contact us about an economical solution to reservoir monitoring and pump control.

 PCP monitoring options PDF

Drop Gyro Saves Wireline Mobilisation and Rig Time

A large project required increased cost efficiency and at times when only a Gyro was required the client approached Huracan for a solution. Our solution was to perform the survey using our Drop Gyro survey tool. This Gyro is dropped into the work string and a directional survey performed while pulling out of hole negating the need for a wireline unit and crew. This saves rig time and the expense of a wireline crew. Contact us today for information on how we can help you achieve your goals.

 Drop Gyro Product Brochure

Memory Gyro Saves Client Rig Time and Money

Recently Huracan was approached to provide an efficient solution to reducing the clients cost on a multi well campaign. Huracan had the answer by combining its memory Gyro with a third party Cement Bond Log. The client was able to save valuable rig time and associated costs by combining the two single wireline runs into one, efficient run. Contact us today to see if we have a solution to your Gyro needs.

Huracan deploys winch for standalone gyro surveys

The new compact winch allows us to deploy our North Seeking Gyro to 1700m without the need for additional third party contractor. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you with your next survey.

Huracan saves 6 hours rig time

On the recent well a gyro survey was required to be completed in open hole. The previous survey provider had insisted that they were unable to log a gyro in open hole. After applying some risk mitigation steps, Huracan was able to complete the survey without incident and without the need to run the drill string back into the hole, this saved 6 hrs of drilling rig time.

Contact us today for information on how we can help you save time.