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Analogue Pump-Off Control

The Analogue 4-20mA Permanent Gauge is an economical gauge for use in Pump-off control.  Our gauge has been designed with high shock and vibration resistance.  The units feature a mixture of corrosion resistant alloys and lower cost stainless steels.  A rubber sleeve extends over the join between the gauge and the encapsulated control line to provide complete protection. Inside, the electronics are securely mounted to withstand vibration.

As a design qualification, the gauge has been tested in accordance with AWES “Recommended Practice For Qualification of Downhole Sensors” to provide a quantifiable performance benchmark.

Key Benefits

  Gauge Specifications

  Transducer Type   Piezoresistive
  Pressure Range   0—1,500 psia*
  Pressure Accuracy   ±0.5% Full Scale
  Pressure Drift   <3 psi per Year
  Temperature Rating   -20°C—105°C
  Diameter   0.75 in
  Operating Voltage   8-30 Vdc

*Other pressure ranges available on request