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Analog Pump-Off Control

The Analog 4-20mA Permanent Gauge is an economical gauge for use in Pump-off control.  Redundant metal to metal seals are used as the primary sealing mechanisms as well as acting as strain relief.  This provides increased reliability for long term use.  The signal is transmitted to surface with a 1/4” OD armoured TEC cable.
Gauge can be directly wired to a surface SCADA unit that accepts 4-20ma or it can be used in conjunction with a 4-20mA panel display or Surface Acquisition Units (SAU), which display the pressure and re-transmit the 4-20mA signal. The panel displays do not have internal memory for data storage however the SAU’s can store more than 14 million data points

Key Benefits

  Gauge Specifications

  Transducer Type   Piezoresistive
  Pressure Range   0—1,500 psia*
  Pressure Accuracy   ±0.5% Full Scale
  Pressure Drift   <3 psi per Year
  Temperature Rating   -40°C—105°C
  Diameter   1.0 in
  Operating Voltage   8-30 Vdc

*Other pressure ranges available on request