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Permanent Gauge Installation

At Huracan we offer a range of permanent downhole gauge systems.  From basic reservoir monitoring systems to systems designed to maximise the life of your Progressing Cavity Pumps.

Systems that can measure basic pressure and temperature to systems designed to monitor pump intake and discharge pressure, coupled to your variable speed surface drive to eliminate running the pump dry.  X-Y vibration that can also be monitored to help identify and eliminate harmonic rod vibration and to aid in dry pump identification.

Download our brochure on PCP monitoring options and contact us today for a competative quote.

  PCP monitoring options PDF

Downhole Gauge Specifications

 Transducer Type  Capacitance
 Intake / Discharge Pressure Range  15—5,000 psia
 Intake / Discharge Pressure Accuracy  ±0.5% Full Scale (±15 psi)
 Intake / Discharge Pressure Resolution  ±0.1 psi
 Intake / Discharge Temperature Range  25—150°C
 Intake / Discharge Temperature Accuracy  1°C
 Intake / Discharge Temperature Resolution  ±0.1°C
 Vibration Range  0-18g (X&Y axis)
 Vibration Accuracy  1%
 Vibration Resolution  0.01g