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eGyro – North Seeking Wireline Gyro Survey

The eGyro – Wireline North Seeking Gyro instrument is an accurate and reliable downhole directional survey and orientation tool. Comprising of the latest technology, the system uses gyro compassing method to find borehole azimuth.

As it is a North Seeking Gyro, all measurements are referenced to geographic north. Unlike other downhole survey or magnetic tools, the eGyro is not affected by magnetic interference. It can be run inside casing, tubing, drill pipe and magnetically disturbed ground.

This 1.70″ (43.2 mm) diameter tool can be run in a variety of applications from shallow borehole to deep borehole surveying, single shot/multi shot, slim hole casing, orientation, whip stock kick-off and downhole motor orientation.

Some of the benefits of Huracan’s gyro service.

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  North Seeking Gyro PDF