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Landing Nipples

The GX and GXN are compatible with the X® & XN® Nipples, used to land, lock, and seal Halliburton’s XN® Locking mandrels with attached flow control devise in the production tubing string.

The Model GX Landing Nipple is selective, generally used as the upper nipple or as stacked nipples in a completion. It is fully selective, and any number of GX Landing Nipples may be run in the completion string. The X® running tool will locate and lock the attached X® Locking Mandrel with the appropriate flow control device in the nipple of choice. The GX Landing Nipple is compatible with flow control equipment designed to be attached to X® Locking Mandrels.

The internal profile of Model GXN Landing Nipples includes a lower No-Go shoulder, which engages the No-Go of the Halliburton XN® Locking mandrel, a locking recess, and a polished bore. When installed, the locking dogs in the XN® Locking Mandrel move out into the recess of the nipple, anchoring the lock and positioning the lock packing in the polished seal bore section of the nipple.