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Hydraulic Set – Feedthrough Packer

A hydraulically set, retrievable packer and is designed to be run and set inside casing or solid expandable liner. It is pressure set, released by straight pull. To set the packer, hydraulic pressure applied against the plugged tubing enters the piston chamber and forces the seal elements and slips against the casing wall, creating a seal and locking the tubing and packer to the casing. A lock ring mechanism prevents the setting force from releasing after the setting pressure is bled off.
During setting, there is no movement of the packer relative to the casing string. To release the packer, tension applied to the tubing string shears the release shear pins, allowing the seal element.

Features and Benefits

  • Available for 5-1/2” and 7” Casing
  • Adjustable Shear Release
  • Straight-pull release
  • Can be pressure-tested before running
  • Elastomer and metallurgy options available for hostile environments


  • Multiple-zone isolation/monitoring with gauge cable pass-through ports
  • Monitoring, gas venting, chemical injection, and hydraulic-line access
  • Deviated and horizontal wells