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Gauge Suspension System

Huracan’s Gauge Suspension System is a fast deploy / retrieval system with integrated pressure control and tubing hanger.  The Huracan 4-20ma Suspension System, offers an economical solution for your monitoring requirements.

If you are looking to replace an existing gauge system or install a new system then we have a cost effective solution. The Analog 4-20ma gauge comes in pressure ranges from 750 psi to 3000 psi with a maximum downhole temperature of 105°C.

The surface pressure control equipment is rated to 5kpsi WP and designed for long term installation. This flexible design allows the suspension system to be deployed and reversed deployed without the requirements for a service rig.

The small 0.125” diameter TEC cable reduces the requirement for weight bars while deploying the gauge system under pressure.

  Gauge Specifications

  Transducer Type   Analog 4-20ma
  Pressure Range   15—3,000 psia
  Pressure Accuracy   ±0.5% Full Scale (±15 psi)
  Operating Temperature   -40°C – 105°C

Gauge Operating Parameters

  Maximum Depth   2,000m TVD
  Source   4-20ma
  Operating Voltage   8 – 30 Vdc
  Maximum Tensile Strength to Maintain Seal   250 lbs
  Maximum Tensile Strength   2,750 lbs

  TEC Cable Specifications

  Outside Diameter   0.125″
  Tube Material   316L Stainless Steel
  Working Pressure   15,000 psi
  Temeprature Rating   150°C
  Conductor   Tinned Copper

  Pressure Control Specifications

  Working Pressure   5,000 psi
  Test Pressure   2000 psi
  Service   H2S
  Thread Size   2-3/8″ or 2-7/8″ EUE