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Gyro-D – Drop Gyro Directional Survey

When you want a drop directional survey you want the very best in convenience and reliability. The Huracan Gyro-D tool uses highly rugged and reliable downhole electronics to produce a directional gyro survey in all environments. Comprised of the latest solid state technology the Gyro-D provides an accurate and reliable gyro survey in all deviations. 

The Huracan Drop Gyro tool can be run without the need for expensive conveyance. The tool can be dropped from surface and retrieved with the drill pipe / tubing without the need for pumping or a drop parachute. Unlike other downhole magnetometer survey tools, Huracan’s drop gyro is not affected by magnetic interference and therefor not require a non-mag drill collar to perform a survey and it can be run inside casing, tubing and drill pipe.

This 1.81″ 46mm diameter, easy to use system can be run in a variety of applications from shallow borehole to deep borehole surveying, single shot/multi shot and slim hole casing.

If you need the convenience of a drop survey that you can rely on then Huracan’s Drop Gyro is your tool of choice.

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  Drop Gyro Survey PDF