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Amerada C-Series PCP-4000/4500 Gauge

The Amerada C-Series PCP-4000/4500 Gauges are designed for long term monitoring of the downhole pressure, temperature and X-Y vibration (X-Y Vibration with PCP-4500 gauge only).
Power and communication with surface equipment is achieved through a permanent installed Tubing Encapsulated Conductor (TEC) cable. Data is transmitted to surface using digital FSK data packages. Up to 6 gauges can be run in parallel on a single TEC cable (Maximum of 3 for PCP-4500 gauges). The sensor data is decoded at surface and processed with Modbus RS-485 output.
A Dual Cablehead is standard for all Amerada PCP gauges with a patented metal to metal seal with backup o-ring to protect circuitry and TEC cable. The Dual Cablehead also allows pressure testing of the seal at the wellsite prior to deployment.

Key Benefits

  Gauge Specifications

  Transducer Type   Capacitance
  Pressure Range   15—5,000 psia
  Pressure Accuracy   ±0.5% Full Scale (±15 psi)
  Pressure Resolution   ±0.1 psi
  Temperature Range   25—150°C
  Temperature Accuracy   1°C
  Temperature Resolution   ±0.1°C
  Vibration Range (PCP-4500 Gauges Only)   0-18g (X&Y axis)
  Vibration Accuracy (PCP-4500 Gauges Only)   1%
  Vibration Resolution (PCP-4500 Gauges Only)   0.01g