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About Huracan

Established in 2012, Huracan was born from the need for a local Gyro service provider to be based closer to the emerging coal bed methane markets in Queensland, Australia.

Since its birth Huracan has extended its services to include Permanent and Suspension Gauge Installation and Production Logging Interpretation.

Contact Huracan today for case studies into how we can increase pump life and reduce CSG dewatering time with our highly ruggedized, permanant digital gauge that can monitor pressure, temperature and vibration to identify dry pump conditions even under high gas pressure and slugging flowing conditions. Huracan provides a gauge with over 90 years of development history and in-house quality control. We recommend that our equipment be re-used time and time again for a lowest, total cost gauge solution.
We also offer a cost effective solution for short to medium term real time reservoir monitoring with our suspension gauge solution. Our gauge can be quickly deployed and suspended then retrieved at a later date.