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Huracan offers a variety of products and services to the Queensland and surrounding oil and gas market

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Huracan Trials New Analogue Gauge with 100% Success

Huracan has completed the installation of a new analogue gauge, specifically designed for the CSG market for increased shock and vibration resistance and tested in accordance with AWES “Recommended Practice For Qualification of Downhole Sensors” to provide a quantifiable performance benchmark. The gauge has also been designed with corrosion resistant alloys to push reliability of the gauge system to >98%. 

Aug 22 – 17 Months after the installation we are happy to say that 100% of the gauges are functioning as intended.

Over 650+ Analogue Gauges Installed.

Huracan has to date installed over 650 analogue gauges for clients around Roma, QLD with success as high as 98% in some fields.

eGyroExpress Increases Wellbore Precision

Offering increased precision for wellbore placement Huracan is pleased to introduce the eGyroExpress tool.  The tool offers a high speed continuous survey with the precision of a North Seeking gyro compass.  With the ability to log the wellbore at speeds of up to 150 m/min the eGyroExpress is the future of gyro directional surveys.

Drop Gyro Saves Wireline Mobilisation and Rig Time

A large project required increased cost efficiency and at times when only a Gyro was required the client approached Huracan for a solution. Our solution was to perform the survey using our Drop Gyro survey tool. This Gyro is dropped into the work string and a directional survey performed while pulling out of hole negating the need for a wireline unit and crew. This saves rig time and the expense of a wireline crew. Contact us today for information on how we can help you achieve your goals.

 Drop Gyro Product Brochure

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